Lawyers Serbia

Law office Žigić, Novi Sad - Serbia, represents both international and domestic legal entities and individuals in governing bodies, arbitrations and courts of general and special jurisdiction in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Our office is specialized in the following areas of legal practice:

- Commercial Law: foundation of companies, working general and special acts and agreements, making contracts, status changes, bankruptcy and liquidation, representation in proceedings in Agency for Commercial Registers and commercial disputes, etc.

- Criminal Law: representation in criminal and violation proceedings

- Civil Law: compensation, inheritance law and legacies proceedings, property rights, making contracts, giving advices, representation in divorces proceedings, division of property acquired during marriage, alimonies, representation in litigation proceedings, etc.

- Administrative Law: representation in administrative proceedings and dispute

- Labour Law: representation in disciplinary and labour dispute, mobbing, etc.

- Real Estate Law: making real estate law contracts, representation at all stages of real estate transactions, registration, etc.